A Congregation of the
Free Church of Scotland
Ferintosh & Resolis Free Church
2006 - Ferintosh Free Church
What we do

: Sunday Services:
We believe that God comes and meets with his people in a special way when we gather together to listen to his word. We have three centres of worship:

Resolis: 10:30 am.
(With creche and Sunday School)
Ferintosh: 12:00 Noon
(With creche and Sunday School)
Ferintosh: 6.00pm

Prayer: lies at the heart of Christian spirituality.
We meet every week on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm in Ferintosh Church.


2nd Sunday in March and 4th in August
3rd Sunday in May and 1st in November

Youth Fellowships: Fortnightly on Sunday
at 7:30 p.m. for Secondary age.

Womans meetings: as announced.

Home Bible Study Groups:
Conon Bridge x 2
Muir of Ord.

Christianity Explored: We plan to regularly run these introductory courses covering the basics of the Christian faith.

Hospital visitation: for anyone who is ill and would appreciate a visit.

Help with Addictions: Counselling is available to anyone who wants to talk.

Summer Holiday Clubs for Primary school age.
Summer Youth Camps: further information is available.

Evergreen Lunch: Ferintosh Church on first Monday monthly
There is glitz all around our children in every form of media. The sad thing is that today's glitterati are tomorrow's cast-offs. When they've passed their peak of popularity children are encouraged to move on to the next rising star. Sadder still, many celebrities follow lifestyles that we would not want our next generation to copy.

Irene Howat's Story-a-Month Club will introduce seven to thirteen-year-olds to real heroes and heroines, men and women who started life as ordinary children like Club members, but who grew up to be used by God in interesting, courageous and life-changing ways. It aims to set their imaginations on fire.

The web-based Club's annual subscription is 12 Pounds, however
many children are in a family. On the first of each month members will receive their new story by email along with the same story in pictures to be coloured and an activity sheet based on that month's character. If provided with an A4 folder, they can make their own totally unique illustrated books of heroes and heroines. Members will also be sent a birthday greeting.

Irene has written nearly 50 books for Christian Focus Publications,
about 30 of them for children, and has translations in 15 languages as
well as in braille. Most of her books are about ordinary people whom God has used in extraordinary ways. None of those whose stories are told are perfect, but all are inspirational. None are glitzy, but all are truly great. So when it comes to glitz or greatness, her Story-a-Month Club offers children a monthly injection of true greatness to interest, excite and inspire.

Urquhart (Ferintosh) & Resolis Free Church